This is a tumblr dedicated to the awesome Jim Halpert. I make all the screencaps, so please don't steal them or use them for your graphics.
Screencaps from seasons 2-3-4-5-6 are taken by me, from my own DVDs, using VLC player.
Screencaps from season 1-7-8 and season 6's "Niagara" and "The Delivery" are taken from, an awesome site you should all visit, and than edited by me.
If you have requesst, feel free to ask!


I am sorry but you can’t use my caps for a post, that doesn’t seem fair. But thanks for asking and not just taking them, I appreciate it :)

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Anonymous whispered, "Hi. so about your description can you please change "And than edited by me" to "And then edited by me" And also, "if you have requesst" should probably be "if you have any requests" Sorry."

Oh thank you anon, sorry for all the typos, I will fix them asap. 

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