This is a tumblr dedicated to the awesome Jim Halpert. I make all the screencaps, so please don't steal them or use them for your graphics.
Screencaps from seasons 2-3-4-5-6 are taken by me, from my own DVDs, using VLC player.
Screencaps from season 1-7-8 and season 6's "Niagara" and "The Delivery" are taken from, an awesome site you should all visit, and than edited by me.
If you have requesst, feel free to ask!


Hi guys, it’s been a long time from the last update and I feel like I had to let you know what happened to this blog:

A few months ago my PC broke down for good and I lost all the screencaps I had taken. I already had every single office episode screencapped and selected and it had take me months to get to that point so it was a bummer when I lost everything. I started screencapping everything all over again and then my laptop needed to be resetted and I lost everything yet again and I felt very discouraged about starting that incredibly long and demanding work for the third time, considering also that I have been very busy with work and life in general and this blog was starting to feel more like an obbligation than something I did for fun. It just became too much for me to handle. 

Now I am on vacation and I have some free time, so I am considering starting graphics again and I think it’s time for me to start work on this blog again. The only thing that is stopping me is the thought of having to select thousands of screencaps over again, but maybe I could just not do that and screencap a random episode when I feel like it. 

So keep an eye on this blog, it might come back to life at some point in the near future. It’s not a promise, it’s more of a hope. 

Thank you all for the support you have always showed me and I am sorry for letting you all down. I really hope I find a way to come back! 

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I am sorry but you can’t use my caps for a post, that doesn’t seem fair. But thanks for asking and not just taking them, I appreciate it :)

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Anonymous whispered, "Hi. so about your description can you please change "And than edited by me" to "And then edited by me" And also, "if you have requesst" should probably be "if you have any requests" Sorry."

Oh thank you anon, sorry for all the typos, I will fix them asap. 

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